Propagation info
Propagation methods for satsuki azalea's
The most common propagation method of RHODONDENDRON SATSUKI AZALEA is to plant the current year's new shoots as soon as the become firm.
this propagation method of RHODONDENDRON SATSUKI AZALEA'S is called "sashime" .
the best time to use this method is april and may in warm areas en may and june in cold areas.
Cuttings that are planted in these months wil root faster and grow well.
Before you take cuttings of Young branches.
Observe the donor tree.
the donor tree shoud have good growth
the donor tree shoud be at least 4 years old
observe the flowers a year before you plan to make a cutting
select te variety of flowers with the disired characteristics.
Before taking the cuttings
about 20 days before making a cutting spray the donor tree with microsulfo from Bayer garden.or anny other Sulfur Spray. This is a funguscide.
About 10 days before making a cutting spray the donor tree with Duoflor from Bayer garden.or anny other insecticide.
Selection of shoots
Sai zaki
kinsai satsuki
selecting cuttings from a sai zaki flower ( kinsai, kinzai, shiraito-no-taki, koto or others)
Remember the following some braches of the variety at times produce ordanary five petal flowers. Taking shoots from thise branches will continue to produce fie petal flowers only
shinkyo is a hybrid created by a sport from yata-no-kagami.
shoots from the branches bearing white flowers will produce only pure white flowers.
shoots forom the branches bearing reddish flowers wil produce al red flowers at first then in about 4 years gradually wil start producing the special shinkyo flowers.
Multi color (color mix) shibori
use shoots from the brances with white flowers or white with slight variations.
to use
shoots from the branches bearing red flowers will produce only the same type of flowers.
not to use
SHIBORI SOKOJIROTSUMA JIROsokojiro satsuki azalea
Jai zaki
jai satsuki flower
(niko,gyoten or others )
use shoots from the branches which produced flowers of jai zaki color or jai shibori color.
when using the white flowers of the yama-no-hikari will produce only white flowers of kazan the variety which is its mother tree
In satsuki azalea’s all colors are dominant over white.
Red is only dominant over white
purple-red is dominant over red.
purple is dominant over all colors